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Our vision is to establish world-class Autism-specific facilities and processes. We assist autistic adults to find their unique place in the world. We’re creating autism friendly environments in:
  • Companies to provide autistic adults with job opportunities
  • Care families to teach them to take care of themselves
We want them to use their passions to fulfill their dreams.

Our Services

New Opportunities

We identified a need for facilities that cater for adults with Autism, especially for adults in the medium and low support groups. These adults need facilities that can properly prepare them for the labour market and open opportunities for them for possible permanent placements.

We use a uniquely developed evaluation process to identify a suitable industry or position for our candidates so they can be
placed in a training program with a suitable company. We aim to get them placed in
permanent positions after the training is completed.

We also provide training programs in various directions to prepare our students with Autism further for the labour market. We offer various computer skills
programmes, culinary arts courses, practical entrepreneurship training, and even a GED Matric programme.



With our uniquely designed 5-day evaluation process, we identify the unique personality traits, strengths, interests, abilities, and passions of our candidates to get a holistic picture of each candidate. Based on these results, we identify a suitable company where the candidate can be placed in a training programme, in line with the most suitable industry or position for the candidate.

Computer Training

Our Computer Skills traing programmes are designed to equip our students with various computer skills for a wide range of applications. We follow an individually based training structure where each candidate progresses on his own pace.

Practical Entrepreneurship Training

With our Practical Entrepreneurship training programmes our students will be equipped with practical skills with which they can start their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Practical Skills Training

With our Practical Skills training programmes, we provide our students with valuable practical skills to help them thrive as adults in the workplace, and in life in general.

Matric Programme

We are using the GED based curriculum from the USA with our Matric programme, covering four subjects. running over a period of two years.
The minimum requirements for this programme are a South African Grade 8, and the student must be at least 18 years old.
This is an online programme with online facilitation from the United States, and we have a dedicated instructor available to provide individual assistance to our students. The examinations are facilitated at a different venue in Pretoria.

Application Forms

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Candidate Application

Download the candidate application form to be part of the next intake of this select group.

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Partnering Companies

Become a participating partner company today. We provide training to enable you to understand and work with a person with autism in your workforce.

Autism Step-Up Partnering Company Application Form

Care Families

Make a difference by becoming a care family. We provide training on how to handle people with autism in your care.

Autism Step-Up Care Family Application Form

Participating Companies

Top Participating Companies

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Autism Step-up. Where Each candidate is treated as an important and unique individual

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