Unleashing OPPORTUNITIES for TRAINING & JOB Creation for ADULTS with Autism

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Our Autism Services

We strive to prepare autistic adults for the work environment to enable them to live a happy and productive life.


“Stop thinking about normal…

You don’t have a big enough imagination for what your child can become.


Johnny Seitz – Autistic tightrope artist in the move ‘Loving Lamposts’


Adult Autism Opportunity

We work with adults with Autism between the ages of 18 to 45

  • Autism analysis
  • Aptitude testing to test their natural abilities
  • Reach their full potential
  • Internship placement
  • Ongoing support from Autism Step-Up

Business Involvement

Are you willing to take on a trained intern with Autism?

  • Analysis of business environment
  • Training on how to handle Autism
  • Intern placement
  • Community upliftment
  • Business website exposure

Adult Autistic Care Families

Are you interested in accommodating and caring for an adult with Autism? 

  • Analysis of suitable families
  • Training on how to handle Autism
  • Care family placement
  • Financial support
  • Ongoing support


“Limitations are created in your mind.

Success starts in your heart.”

Cathy van Zyl